Charm Bracelets for Satanists

Charm Bracelets for Satanists

2 Hour Campaigns A new year and a new challenge for the Cake Mix team. We love great campaigns, collaboration and the sounds of deadlines whooshing by. So we’ve challenged ourselves to produce a marketing campaign from scratch, to a randomly selected audience, for a (semi) randomly selected product all in under two hours. Whilst […]

Making an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaigns

Creating a top tier email marketing campaign can be a bit of a daunting task when you’re looking at starting, but it really doesn’t need to be By the end of this blog you’ll; Know what to look for Feel more comfortable in creating a campaign and steering it in the right direction Know what […]

Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution

Which marketing is actually making me money? Understanding marketing attribution and which marketing actions have the biggest impact on the bottom line is crucial not only to understanding the efficacy of a campaign but also to growing your business. Every year, millions of pounds are wasted on marketing that fails to deliver, even worse millions […]

Automations within a CRM

Marketing Automation Example

Save valuable time with marketing and sales automations within your CRM Automations within a CRM are one of the best time-savers and you need to be using them. They allow you to make sure that no lead or contact ever falls out of your workflow, meaning that there’s no chance for a loss of potential […]

What is a CRM?

What is a crm?

One of the most important acronyms to know in any business that deals with people, is CRM; Customer Relationship Management. This refers to software that helps you track conversations with and progress of prospects, leads and customers. The basic functionality of a CRM is to store names, email addresses, phone numbers and any other bits […]

How to build an effective PR Outreach strategy

PR Outreach Strategy

PR, or press outreach, is simply the process of ‘pitching’ information about your product or service to journalists, bloggers and influencers. When it comes to planning your marketing campaign strategy, many people shy away from using PR but working with press and influencers can be hugely powerful to give you that extra boost towards hitting […]

Online advertising and the key types out there.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is instrumental in connecting with your target audience and pushing them along the path to converting; from when they first learn of your idea to the point that they decide that your product or service is what they want and become a customer. There are a number of key types of online advertising […]

Marketing Demographics

Marketing Demographics

Who are you selling to? One of the most important questions with any business proposition is “Who are you selling to?”; you need to know your marketing demographics. Identifying this is critical, not only to successful marketing but to a successful business. The ability to segment consumers allows you to focus your messaging so it […]