Jan the Man

Hey there! I’m Jan, the guy who makes sure that all your precious data is being measured and stored properly while keeping those pesky CRM systems in check.

I reckon that the data side of things is the most interesting part of business; any decision made is based off data so it’s really the epicenter of every operation (not that I’m biased). Plus, the importance of having top tier back-end processes can’t really be overstated. How well the company runs hinges on the quality of how well put together workflows are and how data is stored. This makes it a cool area to work within as you can see the positive effects of great processes across the entire company.

Scale-ups are probably the most fun space to implement proper data management and analysis. You get to collect and analyse the data pretty quickly and then get to iterate on it in such a small turn around which makes it a very exciting space to work within. I think part of my enjoyment for those kinds of environments comes from my dad; I grew up with his business starting in our attic. Watching it grow and evolve whilst growing up has had an impact on how I view work and the mentality needed to really make progress. Part of that environment growing up manifested in my decision to leave university to pursue work in an area I’m genuinely passionate about and enjoy doing; in the start-up and scale-up scene.

Armed and Dangerous!

In the time I’m not in office I’ll most likely be climbing either in one of the many indoor centers in Bristol, off on day trips around the UK or at my personal favorite location, Fontainebleau in France. Climbing has been my main focus and passion since I can remember; there’s always a conversation going on about what climbs have been done, which ones need to get done and how. I was a part of a sponsored bouldering team and did a fair few competitions but moved away from that scene when I realized I preferred to just go out climbing with friends and have a laugh while keeping the training and focused mentality of being in the competitive scene. Climbing has played a huge role in shaping who I am and how I go about my life and work. Learning how to take a step back to look at a problem to find a solution, staying calm under pressure, collaboration and asking for help when it’s needed.

Doing what I love – Climbing!

If it’s not a climbing trip, then it’ll be going off for snowboarding to enjoy the mountain scenery and to get the adrenaline going! Either that or mountain biking, sword fighting, relaxing with music, playing computer games or dungeons and dragons is mostly how my time is divided outside of work. My other main vices in life are travel and tattoos. I aim to see as much of the world as possible to experience different cultures and ways of looking at life. In terms of tattoos, I’ll probably stop when my mum gets a bit too disappointed in my art choices…but until then I’m going to keep adding to the collection slowly!

And that’s pretty much me!


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