Commercial Creativity

Whatever your marketing stack, growth strategy or industry, we have the skills and experience to get whatever you’re trying to get done, done. We’re marketers who use data, technology and awesome creative to help companies grow. Funded start-ups have a unique set of problems to turn a proven idea into scalable growth. We show them how.

Every cliché has been used

We won’t harp on about how different we are, we’ll just say that if you come to us with a problem, we have six experts in different fields who will find a solution.

These are the six:

Our Work

We’re focused on start ups, and put consulting at the start of what we do. This means we look under every rock to understand your business and goals so we can do the job properly.

Delivery is everything. These are some people we’re currently working with. You can call them and find out how it’s going or check out the case studies below.

We paid random people to sing our website

Originally an idea we had about 5 years ago, taking advantage of this year’s initiative to do weekly challenges, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to tackle… ‘Sing it...

Charm Bracelets for Satanists

2 Hour Campaigns A new year and a new challenge for the Cake Mix team. We love great campaigns, collaboration and the sounds of deadlines whooshing by. So we’ve...

The Cake Mix Flavour of The Month

What is The Cake Mix flavour of the month? Chocolate? Angel? Data Optimisation?  Every month we’re going to take a thorough look (because I can’t bring myself to say...

Marketing Analytics: How important are they?

Testing, Optimising and Retargeting The key to success in business is recognising the importance of thorough Marketing analytics; the process of measuring, analyzing, and managing your marketing strategy’s performance...

If it smells fishy, it’s a fish.

This is a quick reminder that your mind works a lot faster than you do.  If you truly believe you have no capacity for instinct, stop reading this now,...

Outcomes vs Tasks

Why is it important? I think deciding how much emphasis to put on outcomes and how much to put on tasks is probably one of the most important leadership...

Mental Models

We bloody love mental models. They’re the shorthand of thinking and decision-making; a lens that helps give definition to the blurry edges of complex commercial environments.

Chances are if you’re in a start up you’re doing something new. Mental models can be a fixed point when you’re trying something different, and a great way of trying to find the fundamentals of it.

Here are some of our favourites.

Outcomes vs Tasks

Why is it important? I think deciding how much emphasis to put on outcomes and how much to put on tasks is probably one...


You’re about to start a business, pivot with your team or proposition, or go into a new market. How can you assess how long...

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From the horse's mouth

"We are very happy with the result. We have had only positive reviews from some of the users we have actively shown it to. Many thanks to you all and well done on a wonderful product for us!"

Student Tribe


"The team did a great job with a truly complex brief. These guys are the real deal"

Floorspan Contracts

Sam Conibear

"This is a truly great team to work with! They strike a very harmonious balance between marketing and the design side of things... Great ideas and quick delivery... Can recommend 100%"

Ayana Wellness

Andrey Derevyanko

"The Cake Mix guys have been like an in-house marketing team, creating our CRM and reporting tools, running ads and creating marketing strategies - as a start up, we wanted a team who can get things done and help us grow. They've delivered. Great guys to work with and great office dog!"

The Bunch

Elliott Herrad-Taylor

“Ed and the cake mix team are amazing! They were always easy to reach and excited to help me with my unique requests and problems. They are also extremely fast and detailed with all their work. I will absolutely be using them in the future. Cheers Mate!”

Emotions platform

Winship Dowell