How to use Facebook effectively for business.

Facebook for business

Why use Facebook for business? What can it offer you when it comes to marketing your company, brand and product or service? When concentrating on social media marketing, it’s important to become familiar with all the major social platforms out there. Facebook is one of the big players and therefore essential to wrap your head […]

How to build an effective PR Outreach strategy

PR Outreach Strategy

PR, or press outreach, is simply the process of ‘pitching’ information about your product or service to journalists, bloggers and influencers. When it comes to planning your marketing campaign strategy, many people shy away from using PR but working with press and influencers can be hugely powerful to give you that extra boost towards hitting […]

Online advertising and the key types out there.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is instrumental in connecting with your target audience and pushing them along the path to converting; from when they first learn of your idea to the point that they decide that your product or service is what they want and become a customer. There are a number of key types of online advertising […]

Mr Doyle

Mr Doyle

The Ingredients “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”C.S Lewis Hi, my name’s Tom but everyone calls me Doyle. I’m the office Welsh boy. The mascot. The ops dude and the ‘guy that turns a whiteboard list into reality’. Let’s take this cassette […]