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Impact Group

What is it?

What do you get?

If you’re committed to running better campaigns, so are we.

We can’t work with everyone, and engaging an agency can be expensive. We created Impact Groups as the most cost effective way for us to work with business owners and marketers who don’t want to employ an agency, but are still committed to running killer marketing campaigns.

We work with small groups of businesses, one-on-one, in groups and on Slack to help you create live campaigns in your business. It’s part learning, part mentoring, part getting stuff done. You have access to the whole agency and all our specialisms. It’s a 3 month transformation programme with a small group of others, and costs just £500 per month.

It’s by far the most cost effective way to get specialist help.

  • One-to-One Sessions
  • Group Web Meetups
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • Real World Meetups
  • Real Marketing Campaigns
  • Whole Agency Support
  • Content Creation Credits

The people say?

The team

Tom Doyle

Ed Lobbett

Ben Webb

Ed Dench

Jan Monks

Benny Dench


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