The Future of Cookies – Data Recipes

Fortune Cookie

Future of Cookies: Contents Introduction Success on a slim stack Segmentation & Personas Segmenting your CRM Personalisation Future of Cookies – Part 1: Introduction The future of Cookies is an issue that is worrying advertisers, publishers, managers, business owners and pretty much anyone else who uses digital advertising for their business. A lot has been […]

We paid random people to sing our website

Originally an idea we had about 5 years ago, taking advantage of this year’s initiative to do weekly challenges, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to tackle… ‘Sing it to me’. ‘Sing it to me’ is something I often think about and I really can’t tell you why it hasn’t happened before today. The basic […]

Cloud soap for backpackers

Soap for backpackers2 Hour Campaign SprintsAnother Friday and another opportunity to spin the “wheel of misfortune” and set ourselves a marketing sprint challenge. This week we teamed up with Jordan and Saasha from Housing Hand who were so intrigued by last weeks “Bracelets for Satanists” that they wanted to join us and watch the madness […]

The Cake Mix Flavour of The Month

Flavour of the month

What is The Cake Mix flavour of the month? Chocolate? Angel? Data Optimisation?  Every month we’re going to take a thorough look (because I can’t bring myself to say “Deep Dive”) into a different marketing or commercial theme. We’ll kick things off with a stonking bit of long form content where the Chief Doughnut himself […]

Marketing Analytics: How important are they?

Marketing Analytics

Testing, Optimising and Retargeting The key to success in business is recognising the importance of thorough Marketing analytics; the process of measuring, analyzing, and managing your marketing strategy’s performance to make it as effective as you possibly can. What are marketing analytics and why are they important? If you are going to put time, effort […]

Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution

Which marketing is actually making me money? Understanding marketing attribution and which marketing actions have the biggest impact on the bottom line is crucial not only to understanding the efficacy of a campaign but also to growing your business. Every year, millions of pounds are wasted on marketing that fails to deliver, even worse millions […]

CRM Data and best practices

CRM Data and best practices

Data is the building block of all decisions in business, or at least it should be! However, this relies entirely on the ability to be able to store and maintain it properly. CRMs are very handy for this and can make life a hell of a lot easier. If you want to learn more about […]

Automations within a CRM

Marketing Automation Example

Save valuable time with marketing and sales automations within your CRM Automations within a CRM are one of the best time-savers and you need to be using them. They allow you to make sure that no lead or contact ever falls out of your workflow, meaning that there’s no chance for a loss of potential […]

What is a CRM?

What is a crm?

One of the most important acronyms to know in any business that deals with people, is CRM; Customer Relationship Management. This refers to software that helps you track conversations with and progress of prospects, leads and customers. The basic functionality of a CRM is to store names, email addresses, phone numbers and any other bits […]

Marketing Demographics

Marketing Demographics

Who are you selling to? One of the most important questions with any business proposition is “Who are you selling to?”; you need to know your marketing demographics. Identifying this is critical, not only to successful marketing but to a successful business. The ability to segment consumers allows you to focus your messaging so it […]