What is The Cake Mix flavour of the month?

Chocolate? Angel? Data Optimisation? 

Every month we’re going to take a thorough look (because I can’t bring myself to say “Deep Dive”) into a different marketing or commercial theme. We’ll kick things off with a stonking bit of long form content where the Chief Doughnut himself (Ed Lobbett to the uninitiated) will break down the topic and share insights, experience and instruction of how you can best master that area.

Then, throughout the month we’ll bombard you with supporting content from the rest of the team which will explore subject areas in more detail. Our video creator extraordinaire: Mr J Conoley will even spin up a short video to give you the overview, or as Jan’s generation would put it, the “TL;DR” version.

Flavour of the month
Flavour of the month

Then at the end of the month, after you’ve had a chance to absorb all of our pearls of wisdom until you resemble some kind of kleptomaniacal clam, we’ll invite you to tune in, and maybe even join us, for our live discussion, straight from the Cake Mix bar (yes, we have a bar – it’s awesome). Here we’ll spend an hour or so answering questions, conducting interviews and enjoying a few drinks whilst we do. 

Then, we rinse and repeat for the next month. So sit forward, focus and get ready for a serious information breakdown.