WTF is The Practice?

We’ve seen countless start up approaches and strategies, and created powerful tools to analyse them. We employ a range of techniques and approaches to really understand where you’re heading, uncover the core issues and success factors and create an approach that gets you results.

Rather than this being an informal thing, we’ve created the Practice as a consulting approach within the company.

We now only take on clients we really understand top to bottom, so often the case that some of the best value we offer is the free analysis and advice before we’ve even taken on a client.

Where are the
bodies buried?

(Workshops and analysis exercises)

We can nearly always add value in a phone call. Our approach is to prove that we’re worth working with before we ask you to hop on board – it also ensures we can work together to get something worthwhile done.

So get on a call and we’ll always give you a free early view or solve the problem for you right away if it’s something we can do with a phone call and a two page follow on. We don’t charge for that.

For more in-depth discovery, we can run workshops in person or online to solve commercial approaches, scope products, work out issues or define strategies.

Bang for buck, it’s one of the best things we do.

Mental Models

We bloody love mental models. They’re the shorthand of thinking and decision-making; a lens that helps give definition to the blurry edges of complex commercial environments.

Chances are if you’re in a start up you’re doing something new. Mental models can be a fixed point when you’re trying something different, and a great way of trying to find the fundamentals of it.

Here are some of our favourites.

Outcomes vs Tasks

Why is it important? I think deciding how much emphasis to put on outcomes and how much to put on tasks is probably one...


You’re about to start a business, pivot with your team or proposition, or go into a new market. How can you assess how long...

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